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The Phantom of the Movies'® VideoScope® Magazine is the ultimate genre DVD guide, covering the entire spectrum of horror, sci-fi, action, Asian, cult, animation, thrillers, indies, noirs, art-house, verite, vintage, exploitation, and more. Each issue includes over 100 new DVD reviews, written by experts in their fields.

In addition to reviews, VideoScope also features behind-the-scenes features, info on DVD debuts, the scoop on locating hard-to-find titles, and all the usual much, much more-told the untamed way!

VideoScope is the go-to source for genre DVD news and information. Subscribe today and stay ahead of the curve!


  • Over 100 new DVD reviews in each issue
  • Exclusive interviews with genre celebs
  • Behind-the-scenes features
  • Info on DVD debuts
  • The scoop on locating hard-to-find titles
  • All the usual much, much more


  • Stay ahead of the curve on the latest genre DVD releases
  • Get expert reviews of the best new DVDs
  • Discover hidden gems and hard-to-find titles
  • Learn about the latest trends in genre filmmaking

Target Audience:

  • Genre movie fans
  • DVD collectors
  • Film buffs
  • Anyone interested in the latest in genre home entertainment